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We are on your TEAM

We pledge to TEAM with you in your fight against chronic pain.

We take Time to Educate

Patient are our priority. Toward that end, we will take
Time to Educate you about your condition

We help you Actively Manage

We will help you Actively Manage your pain.

Dr. Craig Nairn

Interventional Pain Management Specialist

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About Us

Dr. Craig Nairn MD, is a nationally recognized provider of interventional pain management services. Dedicated to the treatment of chronic pain, Pain Solutions is a leading provider of interventional pain management services in Albuquerque, NM.

At Pain Solutions, Dr. Nairn provides a wide variety of interventional and medical pain management state-of-the-art techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of back, head and neck pain. Pain Solutions recognizes that pain affects all aspects of an individual's life. We team with others in the community to provide a multidisciplinary approach to pain.

After graduating from medical school at Oregon Health Sciences, Dr. Nairn completed a residency in anesthesiology at the University of Chicago, and a fellowship in Pain Management at Virginia Mason.

Finding Relief From Pain at Pain Solutions

Our Philosophy

At Pain Solutions we are on your TEAM. We make it a priority to take TIME to EDUCATE and work with each patient to ACTIVELY MANAGE medical care.

Today, patient often feel like they have little choice and little control over their medical care. They pay high fees to see physicians who barely know them or spend time with them to explain their diagnoses or potential treatments. Care is often dictated by a patient's insurance. Constrained by these mandates and administrative requirements that doctors see more and more patients, doctors rush in and out of exam rooms like white rabbits, always feeling late for the next appointment.

At Pain Solutions, we reject that approach. Our patient-center approach recognizes that patients should have input about his or her care without the unseen guidance of an insurance company.

We believe in and respect our patients' abilities to listen to medical information about his or her conditions and then work with physicians to resolve or alleviate their symptoms.

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Precise Diagnosis & Treatment of Pain

Interventional Pain Management is a medical specialty where we use minimally invasive procedures to diagnose the source of a patient's pain and to reduce or eliminate it.

There is no room for guesswork when it comes to effective pain management. The latest advances in precision spinal injections have made it possible to make an accurate diagnosis in most patients with back and/or neck pain. Our patients receive the most current techniques in pain diagnosis and treatments specific to their unique condition. In addition, all procedures are performed under fluoroscopic guidance or ultrasound. This enables us to avoid the pitfalls, poor outcomes, and added costs common to other approaches in pain diagnosis and treatment.

We Treat

*We are an Interventional Pain Clinic, which means we focus on using procedures to manage pain.

While we are accepting patients who want to use procedures to manage their pain, WE

Have You Heard About

If you suffer from PTSD, Anxiety, Depression
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A Stellate Ganglion Block Injection might be right for you!

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