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What is Medication Management?

Medication Management is the use of medications to control chronic pain. Some medications are long acting, meaning that they provide relief for up to twelve hours. Short acting medications provide relief for six or less hours. The provider will assess your pain and determine which is the most appropriate therapy for you.

Please be aware, we have very strict criteria for patients to be approved to join our medication panel. Most patients will not be eligible to join. If you are approved to join the panel, you will be subject to random urine drug screenings, as detailed below.

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Office Visits

At Pain Solutions, all patients who are on medication management therapy must have regular office visits. If the patient is using any kind of controlled substance, the visits must be once a month.

At the monthly visit, the provider will assess your current use of medication and screen you to determine if the therapy is still appropriate for your pain or if other treatments might be more appropriate.

Urine Drug Screening

All patients who use controlled substances for pain will undergo random urine drug screening. This screening is used to verify that you are using your medications appropriately.

The screening is truly random. That means that it is possible that you could be tested in two successive months. Whether you will be tested at any visit is not decided until that day, and you will not receive notice until you arrive for your appointment that testing will occur. The testing is necessary and mandatory.

All medication management patients must read and sign
this form.

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